Student Loan Exit Counseling

Exit counseling is a requirement for students who borrow Federal Direct Student Loans while in college and are graduating, leaving school, or are enrolled at less than half time status.  The process can be completed online HERE or in-person or virtual at the Office for Financial Success.

Our face-to-face/virtual Federal Direct Student Loan Exit Counseling is a more personalized option for federal student loan borrowers who may want to ask questions about their specific loans.

You have the option of choosing a 30 minute appointment which covers everything you need to know for making decisions about your student loans like:

  • Understanding and Selecting Payment Plans
  • Where and how to Make Payments
  • What to do in the Event of Financial Hardship
  • Who your Loan Servicer is
  • What your Rights and Responsibilities are
  • Where to Find Helpful Resources
  • When Payments Start
  • Loan Forgiveness Plans

OR a 60 minute appointment where you will learn everything in the 30 minute appointment and develop an estimated budget to see how your new loan payments will influence your future personal finances.  To schedule an Exit Counseling appointment use MU Connect.

For your appointment to be the most effective, you will want to know or have access to your FSA ID, which can be set up or recovered HERE.  Having your FSA ID allows us to access your student loan information and produce accurate estimates for your repayment options.

To meet your requirements you will need to provide information about 3 personal references.